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I have a 4 bay server case with 3 hard drives at this time setup in shr mode which I guess is about the same as raid 5. I am going to add a 4th drive to the case. Will it basically running in raid 10 mode then. Other questions is with other operating systems I have always manually setup as raid 1, 5 etc as I have never had shr option. Is there an advantage of setting up as standard raid over using shr? Hope that all makes sense. Thanks

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No, in order to run RAID10 you have to tear down your array and build from scratch.  You will be adding a 4th drive to either SHR (RAID 5) or converting to SHR2 (RAID6).


If your drives are the same size, SHR doesn't offer any advantage over the equivalent RAID and is slightly slower.  If you want to run mismatch drive sizes, SHR/SHR2 will give you somewhat more storage available than RAIDx.


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