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DSM 5 proposal


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I am using trantors release for 5.0 and it works for me. But like all humans, i would like to try other things and gnoboot is one of them. Now I have had several Synology boxes, the main purpose being storage, but secondly I run a charity website and the Synology boxes have never really been man enough to provide the required computing power to manage a busy website. So when I came across XPEnology, I was like a kid with a new toy and have built myself an HP54NL and it does everything that the Synology box does but a lot faster, so this leads me to why I am posting this information.


If I was running my stuff under a Windows setup (which I have in the past), then I had to factor in the cost of the Windows operating system (not cheap) plus the hardware. Which comes out slightly more than the average Synology kit. Plus I would have to upgrade Windows to a newer version sometime in the future which is additional cost. So what I am trying to say is that both trantor and gnoboot have probably saved each and every one of us who use their builds a few hundred bucks. Now, you cannot give a child a new toy and then remove it from them without causing all sorts of issues, so I would like to suggest that both trantor and gnoboot combine their extensive knowledge on building the boot images, then setup a joint Paypal account whereby all those who want to use their builds pay an agreed amount of Euro;/Dollars/Yen or whatever currency they see fit. This would then give them access to the latest versions until such time a major version is released again and then those who wish to upgrade, can consider making a further donation and then life goes on the way it should with everybody being happy.


Of course nobody will become rich out of this, but at least it will pay for the electricity etc..


Just my 10 cents worth, so don't go shooting me down too quickly.



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