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How to fix new wordpress error


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Hi guys


I got some troubles when configuring wordpress on my new DSM 

1. The default wordpress folder is  wordpress ( its running smoothly , but when i rename the folder to ico ( , it does not work out.

As i already followed all steps in this link correctly 

2. When i want to create another wordpress installation on new folder called test . But somehow it does not allow me to install wordpress ( step 2)


Kindly help me out, your help is appreciated 






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Don't bother with the Synology package its far too limiting, do the steps below and you can run as many Wordpress sites as you like on your NAS:


- Install MariaDB package, set the root password.

- Install phpmyadmin and create your Wordpress database.

- Then create a shared folder, set the permissions to include local group http.

- Then download the Wordpress install zip from Wordpress.org.

- Unzip it directly into the shared folder you created.

- Copy all the contents of the Wordpress folder into the root of the shared folder.

- Open Web Station

- Create a new virtual server and point it to your new shared folder

- Connect to whatever you called your virtualserver

- The Wordpress setup page will appear

- The only thing that you need to know that's special from here is on Synology your host address for MariaDB is this format to use in the Wordpress install:


Thats it, as long as you create virtual server names that are unique you can create as many Wordpress sites as you like.


Note; in order to automatically upgrade Wordpress or install plugins via the GUI you will need to chmod +x the shared folder you created.



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