Benefits of DSM 6.2?

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Hello everybody,


I'm using 916+ DSM 6.1 for 6 month now (ASRock J3455-ITX, HP NC110T ) and I am very happy with it.

Only issue I have is that I have to stay on Virtual Machine Manager Beta because I have to set CPU compatibility mode (which is free to use in beta version).


Every few weeks I check this forum and think I have to upgrade to 918+ DSM 6.2.

Then I read some threads with performance issues like copy speed, boot time and so on and I decide to stay on DSM 6.1


So... is there any advantage to upgrade to 918+ DSM 6.2 (except another ~2 years  updates and support)?

Is the feeling and performance withe the J3455 board on 918+ DSM6.2 as good as 916+ DSM6.1 now?

What would you do?


Thanks for your feedback



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I can answer the question by my own now.


Yesterday I made a clean installation of DSM 6.2.1-23824 + Juns 1.04b on an empty USB stick and old 500GB HDD.

Installation went fine but everything seems to be slower than usual e.g.

  • NFS file copy startet with 110MB/s and finished with 70MB/s (100GB file),
  • installation of Lubuntu VM took ~1hr,
  • DSM apps start slower than usual

So I will stay on DSM 6.1 for  a while.

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Thanks for the info. I'm new to xpenology just bough myself an asrock j3455 and was planning the installation so I guess I'll go for 6.1.


Just a couple of questions:


Will the NIC of the Asrock J3455-ITX work out of the box with jun's loader 1.02b and what is the throughput I can expect when copying files via SMB?






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