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Noob questions. Can I use the Syno DDNS service?

John Roy

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Avoid using Syno DDNS, its not fair use of their servers, see the faq

If you look at the DDNS options in DSM Control Panel > External Access > DDNS, use one of them and or with a VPN.


You don't specify your XPE hardware, but in theory a migration from a real syno box to XPE is just that. I would;


1) Test your XPE hardware with a spare HDD, make sure the disk controllers and NIC works and you can install DSM ie no vid/pid errors

2) Migrate to the same version of DSM as on your real syno box  - If you have updated that to > 6.1 or 6.2 boot loader versions, you might be better adding your raid drives with the test hdd still attached (delete any volumes on the test HDD) and repair the system partitions. If thats the case then do a  backup/restore of your syno box configuration to the XPE box to the test HDD before you migrate

Whatever process you follow you should backup your critical data from the real syno box.



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