NAS not visible in the network after a shutdown (N54L)

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I've upgraded my  N54L to DSM 6.1.4. Everything was running fine after the upgrade. The NAS is shutting down each evening by a schedule. After this shutdown I can't reconnect to the NAS anymore.

It seems to me that it hasn't saved some settings or not booting fully. In my router I can't find the NAS being connected or claiming an IP Address. It's not visible in the synology assistant too.

If I start the NAS in 'reinstall' mode it's claiming an IP address or if use a static IP, it shows the correct one and it's visible in the synology assistant. I can then reinstall the same version and all is working, until the next shutdown,.


C1E in the Bios is disabled.

Using DCHP or static IP doesn't make a difference.


Anyone an idea what could be causing this or what I can check?

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Just a little rhetoric question:

If it was being shut down (power off), how did / do you reconnect to it?

Actually, it makes sense that a powered off unit is not claiming an IP in your router (after the normal lease-time runs out),

and it should not be showing up in the Syno Assistent either, as that only finds "live" units, with an IP address.

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You are right, that was not really well described. I meant, when the NAS had a reboot or shutdown and was turned back on, I couldn't access it anymore. It didn't claim an IP then (turned on again).

I could only find when booting with the 'reinstall' option in my synology assistant. 

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