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can anyone tell me the downsides of having a separate mini PC (i.e. intel nuc) to front as the plex server instead of using the DSM?


my current setup is an asrock J1900DC-ITX in a fractal design node with 5 HDs (4 using onboard SATA, 1 using a iocreate SATA pci card).

my DSM is ds3617xs on 6.2.  the DSM is currently my plex server.


if i buy a NUC J3455 (or J5005), install windows 10 home, install the latest plex server and add movies/TV media from the DSM, i can expect hw transcoding (enabled  for plex pass holders) to work, right?


thanks for any help.




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I currently have Plex installed on a separate PC and all my media in the Synology box. I don't see any downside and can easily handle almost 6 transcodes of 1080p H264 content down to 3Mb 720p to stream outside the home and zero issues direct stream to my home tv at full res.


I am planning on moving SABnzdb , Sonarr, and Radar to the PC and see if my Synology box finally enters drive hibernation. As of now I have never seen my box enter that stage and drives are running 24/7.





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