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Tutorial/Reference: 6.x Loaders and Platforms


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On 1/25/2022 at 5:18 AM, Rayqusa said:

from this topic we could conclude that if we gonna use intel i9 gen 9 that have 16 thread we should using DS3617xs? right?

beside the fact that i9 9th gen only has 8 cores (+ 8 HT = 16 threads), yes you could use the full potential of the cpu with 3617

neither nvme ssd nor hardware transcoding with 3617, in case of using 918+ you would disable HT and use the 8 cores without HT (~25% of a real core fot a HT thread, so performance of 2 cores, 8 x 0.25,  lost in that scenario)


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2 hours ago, Rayqusa said:

why buy expensive processor if we only use 75% of their performance

depends on how you plan to use it, if transcoding numerous video streams at the same time is involved it might offer more performance with just 8 cores and being able to user intel quick sync, also if normal sata ssd cache is not good enough and you want to use nvme instead then you might end up using 918+ anyway


but your decision is not final you can "migrate" to another dsm type by changing the loader and reinstalling dsm and it will keep you settings and packages


as of the limitations of the kernel at hand with the loaders (3615, 3617, 918+) its more important to plan the hardware to not waste resources

like when planing to have a flash only volume for vm/docker it can't be nvme (ootb) because its not supported at all, even 918+ can use nvme only for cache, not as volume

also when planing to user intel qsv for transcoding the cpu selection gets more important because dsm (also 7.0) comes only with a i915 driver from 12/2017 and even with patching the driver there seems to be a limit up to 9th gen and some 10th gen - hopefully that will change when syno releases a successor to the 920+, it might be based on jasper lake or similar and would need a newer i915 driver and as synology uses one 4.4 kernel for all hardware all older units like 918+ will get a new i915 driver too, adding support for newer iGPU's (but its also possible they introduce a new x22/x23 model wit a new 5.x based kernel, then units like 918+ will not get anything new - atm it does not look like syno would use a 5.x kernel, all x22 units so far had 4.4 kernel)

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11 hours ago, Rayqusa said:

why buy expensive processor if we only use 75% of their performance🙄


7 hours ago, IG-88 said:

as of the limitations of the kernel at hand with the loaders (3615, 3617, 918+) its more important to plan the hardware to not waste resources


We all need to remember that DSM is built by Synology for specific hardware platforms. The fact that things generally work on a wide variety of hardware is remarkable and a testament to the work that the loader coders have done.


It does surprise me that folks want to bring cutting edge and completely divergent hardware to the table (such as NUCs and high-density data center motherboards which are not offered even at the Synology low-end and high-end) and think it's going to be easy to set up. Outside of just making old/spare equipment to work, it would seem that selecting hardware that is close to the desired Syno spec should be a primary objective for a XPe project.


The further away from the Syno hardware configurations we diverge, the less likely things will be supported.  This can be somewhat mitigated by virtualizing the hardware, which is part of the troubleshooting recommendation in the top post of this thread.


For those looking for reference information regarding the "original" hardware, please refer to these threads:




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4 hours ago, nemesis122 said:

Do you have some experience with he new Redpill Loader DSM 7.1 what is the best model  for 1240vs Xeon CPU 4 core 4 Hyperthreading 3622 , 3617 ,3615?

Do you think is better Hyprtreading should be disabled for XPE ?


My thoughts on DSM 7.x on RedPill, as pertaining to this thread, are here:



With regard to hyperthreading, the only reason to disable hyperthreading is if the platform you are trying to run does not support all your possible threads.  Using the example of the E3-1240 (I think that is what you are referring to) there are 8 possible threads - all currently available platforms can handle it.

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Is the DS3615xs with 6.2.4-25556 on TCRP 0.4.6 (or current still a valid option?  I tried both but both get stuck on error.


TCRP might be to new as I had to add a config build block for ds3615xs-6.2.4-25556 into custom_config.json.

TCRP 0.4.6 also needs some help (SHA-256 does not match current .pat file) but stops on missing redpill-linux-v3.10.105.ko error.


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I have installed with Jun 1.02b loader DSM 6.1.7-15284 on a Core i3-4130, 2GB RAM simulating a DS3615xs with two volumes: vol. 1 is a 256GB HDD with the DSM and apps, and vol. 2 is a RAID 1 with two 1TB HDD.


Is it possible to upgrade to DSM 6.2.4-25556 using manual DSM update within the Update & Restore control panel?


Of course keeping vol. 1 and 2 data :-)


Thanks and best regards,



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