N54L baremetal install. Was working, now totally unresponsive on any network interface

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Hi All,


I don't have a serial port on the N54L, so troubleshooting this is proving difficult.

I've been running DSM 6.1.7-15284 update 2 with JUN'S LOADER v1.02b - DS3615xs for some time. No problems.


I've just installed a ConnectX-2 MPNA-19 card, along with v4.9 of the extra.lzma, and this too was working.

Both the internal ethernet, and the Mellanox worked fine, and could connect to my main PC.

I was seeing both network interfaces and addresses in Synology Assistant.


The 1Gig ethernet was on 192.168.0.x, and the Mellanox on 192.168.1.x.


The Mellanox card was first running firmware 2.9.1000, so I updated it to 2.9.1200 by booting Ubuntu from a live USB stick and running the tools.

This worked fine, and everything still worked.


I then wanted to try out RDMA, which needs a newer firmware. I updated to the 2.10.720 firmware and rebooted into DSM.

Now, none of the network interfaces works at all.


Booting back into Ubuntu, and both interfaces work fine. I've also tried the Mellanox card in another PC, and it works fine.

I've reverted the firmware on the Mellanox card back to 2.9.1200. Still no luck.

I then removed the Mellanox card from the machine, modified grub.cfg back to one interface, and reverted to the stock extra.lzma.

Still, no sign of the array in Synology Assistant.


I then booted with 'Install' mode in the bootloader, and it still isn't being recognised by Synology Assistant, or attempting to get a DHCP lease.

I've also tried booting into 'Install' mode with no disks inserted, and still nothing.


I've run out of things to try, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?


The next obvious thing to try is getting serial console working. Is there a recommended PCI-E card for this that will definitely work with Jun's loader?

Would appreciate some links. I'm guessing I'll also need a USB to serial cable for my main PC.


Any help would be much appreciated.






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