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Bare metal build probs!!


I am using a GA-K8NS Ultra-939 MTB for a bare metal build. I have had it up and running  for ages running 5.2 I think but the other week had cause to down it and that was it it wouldn't boot.So a rebuild was neccesary At first it stated there were no disks insatalled. Formatted all disks,now I am in a cycle of "Migration" and "Reinstalation" without going any further,sometimes it says the file might be corrupt.I have tried a manual build as well all without success. Any idea's??

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@Gordon Pullar please do not create multiple posts regarding the same issue, I have deleted your other post & edited this one to include some of the information from the other post. 


In in order for people to help you it is a good idea to say what version of DSM you are trying to install together with the loader you are using. I would also suggest you search the forums to see if anyone else is using that board & have a read through the FAQ's.

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