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Having followed the tutorial I was very pleased with myself that the Diskstation appeared in the Finder.

So I chose Install, It does the 10 min countdown

Then Cant be found. 

(It didnt ask for .PAT files, I guessed this was cos i wasnt upgrading)

Hoping its a stupid newbie fix, 99% there....

Using DS3617xs 6.1 V1.02b IMG    file


Thanks In Advance


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I figured it out. the Tutorial just says INSTALL, so I did and it installed the latest 6.2 *FAIL*

When doing from scratch i saw the MANUAL INSTALL option, chose the right .PAT file and all is well.


Maybe a tiny edit to the tutorial to say choose MANUAL INSTALL could help?

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do you use an Grapics Adapter at the PCIe Port ?
or the internal via cable?

i had the same Issue with an Graphics Card in PCIe ..

After removing and connect a pure Cable my XPENOLOGY was faound after teh first reboot too !...



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