My first XPEnolgy NAS: last hardware tips before I launch

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Good morning, everyone,


This is my first post on this forum. After going through all the many tutorials in this forum and reading a lot of threads, I'm almost ready to get started.


I currently own a DS413 that sticks out its tongue mainly because of its single-core processor and low RAM.


My main uses:

  • DownloadStation
  • AudioStation
  • VPN
  • File sharing of course
  • CloudStation
  • CloudSync


The material I'm aiming for my first XPEnology:



  • Power supply: Corsair CX450M (semi-modular) (but I don't know if this power supply is oversized or undersized compared to my future NAS). I am looking for advice and references.


  • Rack case : For more simplicity of wiring and space (especially in depth), I chose to use a 2U rack. A 1U rack increases the price of ancillary components, especially power, and requires a system patch bay (very deep, at approximately 1 meter deep) and not a conventional network patch bay (half as deep). After a lot of research to determine the major manufacturers/resellers, and to understand the different technical data sheets, my choice was made on the 2U Rack of the Yakkaroo IPC-E238 brand. But I'm still doubtful about this box telling me that it's a lot of money (Rack+slot USB 3.0+delivery). Do you know any references from Rack 2u in the same style?


For hard disks I haven't looked into the question yet but I intend to help myself from for a storage in RAID5/SHR of 4 x 4TB


What do you think of my future configuration?

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