Synology 2019 New product and DSM 7.0 release

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Lets hope they finally allow us to browse the contents of BTRFS Snapshots on Encrypted folders! I also wouldn't mind being able to format external drives as BTRFS and encrypt them


I can hope for file deletion in HyperBackup, but I feel like that is never going to happen

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Maybe a good new:


Ryzen and dematerialized DSM license: Synology thinks about it

Will we have Synology NAS with an AMD Ryzen processor, allowing for example to take advantage of a large number of core/threads for virtualization for example? "It's in progress" says the brand, still as stingy in detail as ever. After the integration of an NVIDIA GPU, Synology could also integrate AMD CPUs.

Another change that has been expected for several years now is the possibility of acquiring a virtualized DSM license, without having a manufacturer's NAS, in order to use it on another machine or a private cloud for example. A solution that is in great demand and that is no longer necessarily rejected en bloc by Synology.

On the other hand, the manufacturer wants to avoid white marks and a bad experience for the user, for example if the DSM runs on a machine that is too limited. The manufacturer absolutely wants to avoid "damaging" the brand image of its interface with a bad user experience due to third party practices.

The whole thing could therefore be quite limited, at least at first. It should be recalled that alternatives already exist with the possibility of renting a Synology NAS, notably from Infomaniak for example (RS217, RS519 or RS818+).



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Oh man. I like these machines. But there are far away from poweroff. I spend 1800€ for a 12 Bay model and I will get an Atmom processor. An ATOM with 4x1,4Ghz. My NUC, working as a docker host, has 4x1,5Ghz which can burst up to 2,8Ghz (Pentium® Silver J5005). I would hope they are looking at Ryzen options, like QNAP does, but put ECC inside. Still, I can understand that they want to avoid any damage to their brand. Nevertheless the market is really hard and has changed over the last years, so hopefully they make it avaialble to just "buy the software" ;)

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