Newbie looking for suggestions to setup XPEnology with best compatibility.

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I am newbie in XPEnology. This is my first post, so if I do any mistake, please forgive me. Even though I has read rules and searched forum before posting.

So, I was looking at this synology but as it was too expensive with lower grade system spec. I was planning to build a custom one. And then I found out about XPEnology. 

But I am very confused at present on picking a right motherboard for the setup and having the latest version of DSM working fine with hibernation and wakeonLane. I seen in users compatibility suggestions some says having ASRock J4105-ITX motherboard won't cause a problem with the setup and even it works without any modification. Also on that ver. there's a latest one ASRock J5005-ITX I am wondering anyone has tried that?. Right now if anyone can tell me about their fully functional board with no critical issue then I will be really appreciate it. As of October 2018. 

I want a motherboard within a budget less then $150. And uses lowest power.
Which can do 4 working sata port HDD,  1 SSD Cached. With hibernate and wakeonlan feature working.
And I am seeking suggestion on long lasting hard drives based on your personal experiences between seagate and western digital.
Also, is a pico psu good enough for NAS storage?

Again, please if I done anything wrong in my post then very sorry.

And please kindly advise me 

Thank you.

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