Which hardware to buy for Xpenology?

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I just wanted to ask what mainboard/Cpu/SOC is uncomplicated for Xpenology and has no problem e.g. with the ethernet controller? I have HDDs, a case, and DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM

So can you recomend what to get for a good and easy installation of xpenology?


Thank you!

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Asrock j3455 works fine for me and uses DDR3 Sodimm.

Not sure how it is for transcoding (I don't do transcoding) but if you want some more power, there's the Asrock j5005 as well
(though it's DDR4)..

All works on 6.2 U2 (and also works, with exception of the NIC, in 6.2.1).

Make sure you get the version with 4 Sata ports.. Because 4 is better than 2..  :)




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my builds are:


- asrock J3455-itx - ds3617xs - 1 x WD-red 3TB

- asrock j1900d-itx (DC version, no PSU required) with 4-port iocrest sata card - ds3617xs - 5 x WD-red 3TB

- zotac zbox (celeron j2597u) - ds3615sx - 1 x firecuda 2TB


i couldn't get WOL working, but since all the build have low-powered CPUs, i leave them on all the time.




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16 hours ago, Biaggi051 said:

Ok thank you! I have read that the J5005 (don´t know About the J3455) has a RTL8111 Ethernet Controller make some Troubles somestimes? 

The J3455 has a realtek controller too - though it works fine in 6.2 u2..

Currently it has problems with 6.2.1 - but I'm hoping that will be resolved in later versions of the loader..


Check the upgrades reporting forum and see whether anyone has a J5005 box and whether it's installed OK..
I'd stick with 6.2 for now.. Don't bother with 6.2.1 yet..

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