USB Stick shutting down after BIOS

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Hey guys, im new to xpenology and this forum. I was able to buy some cheap hardware and want to set up a NAS using xpenology. I followed mainly this guide:

I successfully wrote the  synoboot.img with OSFMount and Win32 DiskManager with DS3617 on my USB stick and put it in the USB port in my NAS. In BIOS i set up the usb device to boot position/priority 1, set HDD mode to AHCI and boot mode to "legacy+UEFI". I also disabled all C-state features. 

After POST the Juns loader 1.03b started and i get stuck at the black screen where it says "happy hackingScreen will stop updating shortly". At the buttom the "_" does not flash. I recogniced, that at the same time my keybaord and the light of the usb stick turn off. Seems like a problem with the mainboard?


My hardware:


RAM: 8 GB G-Skill

CPU: Xeon E3-1230 v3

1 SSD, 2 HDD.  I have to say, that the SSD is empty but there are still data on both HDD'S.


Anyone has an idea? Thanks!:)

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