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Hi there, I´m new here and I want to build a Xpenology System with a Athlon 5350 and Asrock AM1H-ITX Board. I have seen there are a few People with this Combo and it seems to work. I tryed to install DSM versions 6.1, 6.1.5 and 6.2 with Jun´s or Quicknick´s Bootloaders. But everytime i get the error 21 after ~14% of Installation. You may know how to solve this? Maybe something´s wrong in my bios? 


Thank´s a lot for helping!




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11 minutes ago, Biaggi051 said:

No i did not Change them, but I also don´t know how because in my usb-stick there are just 4 files: extra.lzma, info, rd and zlmage

The pid/vid should be changed in the grub.cfg file, but I do not have this ...


same problem here, i don't see any grub.cfg just extra.lzma, info, rd and zlmage

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Thank you @bearcat, in my german instalation guide that i have was Nothing written About the pid/vid and Sercial Code Change. So i did that but it seems that I now have another Problem. The Installation of DSM was 100% ok, but afterwards the new "Diskstation" could not be found. Maybe a Problem with the MAC adress? I did´nt Change that in the grub because I don´t know what my MAC adress is before creating the USB stick. Afterwards I can see it in my ...


I think I´m near to the solution, so Maybe someone can give me the last Input ...


Thanks alot!

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