RAID controller is no longer found

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I have a problem with a RAID controller, which is not recognized anymore since 25.9.2018.

The Raid Controller is a DELL PERC H310, which I reflashed to a LSI-9211i in IT mode. The firmware is the latest with P20.

On that day I noticed that all hard disks connected to the controller were no longer recognized by DSM.
My first conclusion was that the RAID controller was defective - so I ordered a new one and flashed it over as well. To my great astonishment I noticed that this controller didn't show any hard disks either.

So I started Ubuntu 18.04 from a USB stick and here all hard disks were recognized by both the old and the new RAID controller without any problems.

On 11.9.2018 I upgraded from DSM 6.1.x to 6.2.1 (jun 1.03 3617), where everything worked fine. After that, Synology didn't release any updates, so I didn't do any more updates after that.

It should be noted that when I turn on the computer, all hard disks perform the self check, but when loading DSM there is no further check, which would have to be done if the driver was loaded.

When booting from Ubuntu, the second check is performed.


I am at the end with my Latin - In the appendix I uploaded a dmesg, and here I don't find any entries concerning the RAID controller.


I hope someone can join me in searching for clues 😕




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