Synology on ESXi questions

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Hi All,

Few Synology ESXi queries, if anyone can assist please?


I'm messing around with Synology on ESXi and tried to configure passthrough..

It seems to have worked but as I've been testing using one of the motherboard's SATA controllers, I came across an interesting (crap) issue..

When passed through, if I shut down the VM, it shuts down the entire ESXi host.. Great.. Any workarounds?


Can I pass the same SATA controller through to more than one VM? Say I had 2 Synology VMs, could I pass the same controller through to both?


What's the easiest way to edit the bootloader loader Grub.cfg - once it's configured in a VM.. Do I need to download the VMDK, mount it to another VM, then edit?

I guess I could mount it to another VM running in ESXi, edit it, save and disconnect?








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Thanks. I wasnt suggesting passing through the boot drive though.. I have one on each of my VMs.


I'm not sure how to get the disks visible in Synology after passing them through..

Do I need to tweak the sataportmap or pci slot settings in Grub.cfg??

(Yep, just added it to another VM to edit.. Easy peasy)


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OK.. Sorted it out.. I'll put the details here for completeness..


The 2 disks were showing up as eSATA drives - not much use, but at least it's a step forward..


To get them to show up as normal SATA drives, I needed to do the following..

used vi to edit the following two files;





Change the same 3 lines in each file to;



(They're all down near the bottom..)


When I rebooted the Syno box, I had lots of disks (including the 50MB boot disk)..

eSATA were now gone and moved to normal SATA.  :)

For info, my sataportmap was "666" in grub.cfg


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