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Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.


I've been using XPEnology for a long time (since 4.2), and have always used SHR. This was mainly driven by cost concerns, as I had a mixture of disk sizes, and couldn't afford to upgrade them all at the same time.


This hasn't caused me a problem up until now, as I've never re-created my volumes. Once SHR, always SHR it appears. I've gone from 4.2 -> 5.2 -> 6.1.7 on my MicroServer (N36L initially, then N54L following a hardware transplant).


I've just been given another N54L, and thought I'd turn it into a XPEnology box. I've got 5 x 2TB drives on the shelf, so it seemed a good idea. I've done a fresh install of 6.1.4 using Jun's loader v1.02b, and stuck with an array type of DS3615xs (it's always worked perfectly in the past, so why change). This has lead me to realise that SHR is no longer supported on the 'Enterprise' grade models. I guess the assumption is that anyone who can afford the more expensive models will likely be able to afford to replace all the drives simultaneously.


As I really want to have SHR support, then I'm assuming that the DS916 or DS918 are the array types I need to choose. Is that correct?

From what I can see, that means using the DS916 emulation for the 1.02b loader, or DS918 for the 1.03a2 loader. Is that also correct?


That brings up another question. The DS916 and 918 only seem to be 4-drive arrays. On my N54L, I've got 5 drives installed. Will the 5th drive be recognised, or is there a config change I can make to ensure that it is?


Also, if I wanted to migrate my existing array from using DS3615xs emulation to DS918, is there a way to do this without losing data?






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