That's why I'm here, and this is a bit about me

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My name is Christoffer and I come from Stockholm in Sweden. A few weeks a go I started up my new network whit a NAS from Netgear, that didnt worked out as planed, the software and support for there services, and updates on that machine was "end-of-life" so the services was no longer available. So I started to look around for another server, i looked at many and tooked me a while to figure out what would be best, up-sides and downsides on everything.


The nases from stores I looked at was Synology and Asustor, both good OS envirements and service. But the problem was to upgrade in the future would be difficult.

I still didnt want to let go of any machines becuse i liked the interface and the possibility to have mobile apps to upload photos of the kids directly to my server along white more apps, every app had there own job. And it was great!


I also did not want the services to have been "end-of-life" more times.


So I found a HP gen8 witch is 4 bay, 2xlan ports, and one more for remote acces, awesome!


I looked into FreeNAS a few days later but holy *******, I dont have time to lern that kind of things right now, and on a another forum i got a link to "Jun bootloader" to run Synology OS :)


So, here I am and got all of the good stuf i wanted, a server that I can upgrade whitout any bigger problems, a OS that lookes good and are user frendly, and things like connect to the server from everywere I am, i hope, have some issue whit that right now but i get that also right eventually.


I think this gonna be a good and nice server that fill my needs whit this OS. Tooked me a while but now it started to worked it self out. The little geek inside me have a great time ! :D 


Thanks a lot and hope to talked to many of you and share ides och thoughts. /Christoffer - Stockholm


PS. Sorry if my english is rusty at the moment


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