Astroteck RAID Card Drive help

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Hi All,


Hope some one can help.


I'm using a Dell Optiplex 380 with DSM 6.1 as i'm not able to upgrade to DSM 6.2 as no HDD Drive support as yet.


i have a Astrotek AT-CPASA-1 IDE-SATA PCI 2xSATA 1xeSATA 1xIDE  card with a 1tb HHD attached but Xpenology is not able to see the HDD.


i'm sure it is a drive issue, but i hoping some one will be able to help with where i'm able to get the drivers from, but i do still have the cd that it come with and now to get it working with Xpenology?



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if you would be more specific about the hardware you are using it might be easier to help

Dell Optiplex 380 - whats the cpu? if older then 4th gen (hasswell) then 916+ and 918+ image will never work


wahts the chips on that (old and exotic) controller

my guess would be via or jmicron and those are not working with dsm 6.1 as i documented here



the dell seems to have a pcie slot so you could get a sata controller thats supported by the normal ahci driver, that way the missing disk will be detected

search the forum for that kind of controller



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