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DSM 6.1 network configuration issue


Hi experts,

I'm running Xpenology 6.1 on an Asus Baremetal system.


After a VLAN modification on a BOND the DSM was not accessible anymore. Meanwhile I'm able to connect via ssh (only putty, no winSCP)  on the eth2 interface.

I cannot access DSM weblogin on this adapter either. I renamed the "ifcfg-bond0" file in the "etc/sysconfig/network-scripts" folder and changed the content of the two ifcfg files for the nics like this:




after rebooting the system ifconfig -a shows no ip's for the eth0 and the eth3



After reboot the "ifcfg-eth0" file has a new line at the end. It seems that it's been modified by the system while rebooting.


 I don't have a clue why ti's possible to connect via Putty and not by WinSCP and also via web (port 5000). 

Any ideas what could cause the connectivity problem?

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My system setup:

Loader 1.02b with DSM 6.1.7-15284

Mainboard Asus P10S-V/4L with 4 x Intel® I210AT NIC onboard


After investigating my issue I come to the following conclusion:

Enabling VLAN (802.1Q) causes the network error I've descrived above.


Before I did the modification on the Baremetal  productive system I did a test on a Virtual Machine DSM 6.1.7-15284 (running on ESXi 6.0). It worked as expected, even with multiple VLANS on an adapter.


Can anybody confirm this behavior?


Instead of the VLAN definition I think now about adding an additional 4 PORT Intel based PCIe NIC. Will the Loader detect the PCIe NIC or do I need to modify the grub.cfg file?



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