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Is it possible to make "ISO Boot Loader" for DSM6.x as "Live CD" does ? (mostly for VPS use)



I've read that boot loader of DSM6.x is required to be stored on read-write file system.


Is it possible to make ISO bootable boot loader using cloop, tmpfs, overlay-fs as Live CD does ?

(-> Building Your Own Live CD | Linux Journal )


If it's possible, we can run DSM6 on VPS hosting server.

On VPS hosting environment, we can't easily add virtual disk.

(I think if we want to run DSM6, we have to use qemu.)


Is there any information required to persist on "boot loader partition" on installation process ? 

# Even so, we can replace iso image after installation. (copy back from vmdk of local  vm install)


If so, only we have to do is just cheat the installer to believe it's writable file system, is it ?


@jun or other wizards here, how do you think ? Is it difficult to make ?


# I think it's too simple, so there must be some pitfalls :-)

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On 2/17/2019 at 12:41 PM, Polanskiman said:

Was your question answered to your satisfaction @benok?


I'm sorry, not to reply.

I can not use Proxmox or KVM virutalization on my VPS.


That's why I post this question.


I think it's not bad idea.

If it can be implemented, I think it may solve the problem for DSM6.x on Hyper-V...

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