Upgrade path from 6.1 to 6.2

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Hey oh great community, i've been thinking about upgrading to the 6.2 version for quite a while now, and now i see that as of august Jun have uploaded a 1.03b loader for us.

How do I upgrade the right way, and are there a way for me to recover if anything does not work out (if the loader does not communicate with my hardware or whatever).


I'm currently on Jun's 1.02b loader and running DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 1 and using the DS3615xs as the mastermind in this operation.

Do I just install the 6.2 from a .pat file, and change USB stick to a premade 1.03b version at reboot, or does the 1.03b loader work on 6.1 too?

And if so, do i just change USB stick to the new made one and then upgrade via the GUI?

I'm not willin' to risk my data if there is a large risk of it being lost in space out of my reach.
But at the same time i would like the new software :)

Can anyone here clarify for me what i'll have to do and if there is a way to roll back if it all explodes? :D




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For real? Is there not any person in here that can support me with an answer? So none og you have tried this? Or is no one interested in sharing their knowledge with the rest of us? I am sure i'm not the only one that would like to get a response for this.


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@Baskedk Hello :-)

First off, I hope you have read this.


Second, you are on the right track, download the 1.03b bootimage, and prepare your USB stick, with the correct vid/pid/sn/MAC.

Download a local copy of the .PAT file you are going to install, to avoid getting "The Latest and Greatest" as it will most likely brake your system.

Shut down you NAS, swap the USB stick, reboot and follow "standard procedure".

When it's up and running, make sure you disable automatic updates!


If (or when) it explodes, you may want to do some reading here and here.


Third, make sure you have bacakup of any important data before you start.




For real? 

Did you actually do some reading before posting your 2.post above?

Since none of the users (that I know of) are mindreaders, how can anyone tell what hardware you are using and what may/may not work with that?

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Thanks a lot for your information. That was all I wanted. I wanted to know the upgrade path to follow when switching the kernal. I do not anticipate that the community should KNOW if my system will boot afterwards. I just wanted the prositiure. 

And yes I've been looking all over the forum to mention this exact upgrade, from 6.1 to 6.2 and I couldn't find anything that looked like suited my situation. So I value your input greatly. Thanks for that. 


There might be a post somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it. 


I will try this out and thanks again. 

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