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Hello together,

thats my first post in this forum. I read over the last few weeks a lot and I was able to initally setup my first XPEnology NAS.

I'm using Jun's loader 1.03a2 and the ds918p build version DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2 on an Asrock J5005 ITX board bare metal.


Currently I have the following issue:

I did search for a while why my HDDs would not sleep. Now I think I found the rootcause, the clock in UEFI is showing two hours time difference to the clock in DSM.

e.g. UEFI 7.00pm, DSM 9.00pm. If I correct the UEFI time manuelly HDD hibernation is working for a while. After several hours of operation I have again 2hours difference.

I'm living in Germany so GMT+1, if set to timezone GMT, the difference is reduced to 1h.


My feeling is that is has something to do with ACPI Configuration in the UEFI.  I have the following configured:

Suspend to RAM -> Enable

ACPI HPET Table -> Enable

PS/2 Keyboard Power On -> Disabled

PCIE Device Power On -> Enabled

Ring-In Power On -> Disabled

RTC Alarm Power On -> Enabled

USB Keyboard/Remote Power On-> Disabled

USB Mouse Power On-> Disabled


Does anybody know this issue and can help me on this?

Which limitations do you expect with my Asrock Gemini Lake HW ? Will wake on Lan work?


Thank you so much!


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