Problems Activating HW Trancoding

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Hi Guys.

Im running an ASRock J3455-ITX with 10 gb of ram an yadda yadda.

Ive been running an 916+ with an incorrect SN..

Now ive upgraded to 1.03a 918+ loader. 6.2 pat. Real serial and mac. 
And did an reinstall without keeping any settings.. now i dont get the activation.conf file. 

Anyone have some ideas ? 


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3 hours ago, ChmaDK said:


got the activation file looking good.

still no hardware transcode though. 

Either in emby or video station. 

The ticker is set in video station.

Anyone have some ideas ?


I saw somewhere it doesn't work if you have a display connedted to the machine.


May I ask if you did anything else than changed SN/MAC and PIV/VID, because I can't get the 918+ loader to work, my machine is always gone after the first reboot after installation. ( i have the J3455B version. 

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No not at all.. 
SN / mac. 

and now im looking into the effect of legacy booting vs Csm and the other bios related stuff.. 
My problem is the same others experience.. It starts the workers for transcode. And then the workers freeze. 
Watching everything happen in htop


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Profiler64... I was originally thinking HW transcoding was not working on my Xpenology box with a 5th gen I7... I am running 1.04b loader and newest DSM for 918+ with valid SN and MAC from a broken 918

After installing Tautulli docker and integrating it into Plex... I did a test from work, and was getting HW transcoding. Most of my files within my home network play direct with no transcode.. 

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