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Installing an FTP Client on Xpenology


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Hello all,


I'd liek to know if it would be possible to install a graphic ftp client on xpenology.

The aim is to being able to parameter ftp sources, and, within the XPenology interfacve being able to see all the folders/files, and make them to download from the nas (and so, turning off all my pcs during transferts are processing on the xpenology server/nas) ...


I have seen it is possible with command line, but that's too loud to manage.


For instance, I have a server that is based on OVH, and, from the NAS, I want to see what is on that server, I want to queue all I want to download from the OVH to my NAS and after, I can turn off my computer, and the transferts are processing/running on the NAS.


I've seen a lot of solution for creating an FTP server on syno/xpeno, but that is not what I'd like to have ...


As it's complex to explain, in case of any questions, please feel free to ask (I'm not perfectly fluent in english).

Sorry for my poor english (and it's worst in the evening :smile: )

Thanks in advance


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Try installing the net2ftp package. It's maintained by the eg-blog.de community and their package repository source location is: http://update.10trum.de/packageupdate/getpackages.php


After you've added the location to your package center, you should see a package called net2ftp. I think that's what you're looking for. I, myself, am trying to find something similar for http browsing.

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