DSM 6.2 possible on ASRock J3455-ITX?

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Hi everyone.


I'm currently trying to install DSM 6.2 on the following hardware:  ASRock J3455-ITX, 1x G.Skill SO-DIMM 8 GB DDR3L-1866, 1x 8GB USB-Stick, 2x 2TB HDDs, 300W PSU.


I'm using the "XPEnology Tool for Windows x64 V1.3.3", and it works flawlessly with the Loader 1.02b (and "DSM 6.1.7 15284 for DS916+").

However, since I want DSM 6.2 I aimed for the Loader 1.02b. But non of his versions (DS3615xs or DS3617xs) are showing up on the network after the first boot (checked via router and Synology Assistant), making the following setup or troubleshooting impossible. A connected monitor shows the correct post-boot-message ("... Screen will stop updating shortly, ...") and the LAN-activity-LEDs on the motherboard show activity.


I hope you guys can help me with this issue.


However, if it's not fixable, I'd like to know if my CPU is powerful enough to emulate the DSM using ESXi (after adding a SSD for ESXi and possibly more RAM).


Thanks in advance,



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On 9/24/2018 at 5:31 PM, dh22r said:

I think I'd the same issues initially.  Screen showing loader as booted, but not able to connect via the web GUI or visible via synology assistant.

Turned out, for me, I had to boot with legacy bios (ie. not UEFI).



Isnt it necessary for 6.2 to disable legacy boot?

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Just checked and my onboard NIC works fine too.


It's an Asrock J3455-ITX board (the one with 4x Sata).

Loader 1.03b

6.2 U2 is installed (I've not tried 6.2.1 yet)..


Both boards (mine and the 2x Sata 'B' version)  have the same onboard NIC, so it should work...

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