Passthrough mode, in 6.2 not seeing all disks

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hi, have a question , i am running esxi 6.1 loader, synoboot is on ide0:0, os is on ide0:1

i have an hp gen 8 microserver, i have the  4 bay cougar in passtrough mode

see screenshot attached for current config

i HAD to select ide0:0 and ide0:1 , if i configured them on sata/scsi, i never saw all the disks from my 4 bay cougar sata controller, only like 1 or 2 of them instead of 4

so removed in 6.1 the sata+scsi adapter, and now i see all my 6 disks


but after reading this new thread for new 6.2 loader,  you need to configure it back on sata, so i think i will face my old problem back then?

Seems ide controller is a nogo anymore, only Sata for synoboot




any1 that can give me some tips? so i can still see ALL disks with the cougar sata controller in passthrough mode?

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