Need help installing on a dedicated server

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It is required to install the last (before last) release of the loader and DSM 6.1 (6.2) on the dedicated server using this technique -

Make an image adaptable for different server or hardware variants - DESIRABLE
(Different configurations of disks and network cards)


I want to install DSM 6.1 or 6.2 on a server with a similar technique described here




I have hosting  kimsufi (3,99euro) KS-1Intel  Atom D4251c/2t1.8GHz2GB DDR3 1066 MHz  500Go 100 Mbps

If necessary, I'll buy hosting for more powerful ks-2 or ks-3



Who can help me and make an image that I would try to deploy?

I do not have enough skills - I tried so and so it does not work (((
I think many would be useful such an opportunity, taking into account not expensive tariffs


P.S. Sorry for bad english - just google translate (

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