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Syno 12 bays maximum: problem



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oh sorry


i have a new problem with this

i run it on a HP DL180-g6

12 bay in front, 2 rear, 6 sata on motherboard and i plugged a netapp 4246 with 24 bay

total 44 ports


i use this config

usb: 0x700000000000

esata: 0x0

internal: 0xfffffffffff


i edit the /etc/synoinfo.conf and the /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf.

i restart and synology assistant tell me "can be migrated"


I tried several times, but still the same result.


Would anyone have an idea or an answer

my version
DSM: 6.2.1 (23824)
loader: 1.03b

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have a read of this older thread on drive limits, addressing and the possible fixes. You will always be faced with having to reedit the synoinfo.conf after a boot loader upgrade or change



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The failure of the migration is because it does not recognize the numbers hexadicemal correctly:

That is, the Internalportcfg command line was when I edited it without the 0x in front and therefore always asked me to migrate ... I would have to put it in quotes and with the 0x in front (Internalportcfg = "0x7FFF" for 15 discs)

And another thing that you have to edit the synoinfo.conf file in the folder "etc.defaults" and tb in the folder "etc"



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