HP elite 8100 : works perfect, except Virtual Machine Manager

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Hello Guys,


I setup yesterday an old HP elite 8100 that comes with 4gb and an I5.

i also have 6 (six !) RJ45 ports :D


It's damn fast compared to my N40L. i just need a way to put all my disks in a nice way :)




I cannot make Virtual Machine Manager running.


It is just complaining about memory not sufficient.

And VT is activated in the BIOS.


It seems i'm not the only one having that issue :


screen shot.png


Did anyone succeed in running that package ?



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Did you figure this out? I have an 8100 elite SFF with i7 and 4gb. Mine won't boot.


What version DSM are you using to boot? when I use my 6.2.x USB that's worked on other HP machines and try and boot this one, it hangs at a cursor, no text on screen. Which loader are you using?



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