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Does migrating DDSM to linux docker/lxc make sense?



As a good NAS product, there are some essential key points like:

1, data integrity, make sure data safe

2, data service and management, make sure client can access and data are easy to mange

3, flexibility, like all platform clients, easy to integrated with external service, 3rd-party application

4, maintenance availability (upgrade) and rescue plan, etc.


Back to the DSM and item by item,

1, DSM is not a full strong data integrity but very strong for rootfs (md0/RAID1) with multi disks if no additional HW RAID

2, DSM integrate with very good data services like basic samba/nfs/afp(netatalk) and PS/DS/synoDrive/Moments/etc., have good disclosed API to access

3, DSM have almost crossed platform client like pc/mac/android/iOS, good 3rd-party apps

4, upgrade is big problem for non-DSM product and not easy to rescue for rootfs/data


So, the IT service is trending to micro service and de-coupling, docker/lxc is very successful than VM. 

And DSM 6.x also have DDSM as a service (but with license issue, that's another topic not technical this post focus on), does porting the DDSM to linux docker/lxc make sense in future?

The advantage like here:

1, data integrity can be provided by host, like ZFS will be good solution

2, DDSM can mount host volume to container and service the data for client

3, host can easy to integrity other 3rd-party service via docker, not by DSM 3rd-party applications

4, enable and maintenance DDSM upgrade will be big challenge.

5, no any HW compatibility issue, linux can do it, so the bootloader is not essential work.


Recently some porting works done and the container can run, the DSM basic system service can start manually, but still have login issue with unknown error, maybe s30_synocheckuser fail checkuser/group.


Any developer have interesting about this topic and work together to contribute?






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