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Upgrading from DSM 6.1.5-15254 to DSM 6.2.23739 on HPE Gen 8


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Hello all


In January i got my self up and running XPEnology NAS on a HPE Proliant Gen8 and I'm loving IT :D


But I can see there is a new of DSM 6.2.23739 now. My NOOB question is this:


1- Do i just press Download and let DSM update DSM to the new 6.2 version in the GUI of my NAS?


2- Or do i need to go to the Loaders Forum - Links to DSM and Critical Updates and then what? I can see there is Major and critical updates. I have gone to this address Major update to DSM 6.1.5 and then downloaded the DSM_DS3615xs_15254.pat, so do i just manually update DSM from my NAS with that file or? 

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new dsm with new number after the first dot usually equals new loader (and if you used a extended driver package also a new extra.lzma with extended drivers)

also why install 6.2.x? 6.1 gets all the security updates needed, as long as you dont find a feature in 6.2 thats not present in 6.1 then there is no need to install 6.2, dont do "eprimantal" stuff with a solid running machine

just stay with 6.1.x, you can download the 6.1 pat files (full and the smaller updates from synology with your browser and install them local from file, better to disable auto install, it might and up with a auto install of 6.2 if the settings are not good, i never let dsm install anything by itself, always manual file selection from local storage


there is a "Announcements" section on the right in the forum, you should reed whats there

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