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Mac Mini Server 2012 Runs on 6.1 but can't connect wiht 6.2


I have been able to get my Mac Mini Server 2012 model to boot with Jun's 6.1 3617 loader and it works great. I was able to see the NAS on the network using Synology Assistant and connect just fine.


However, I have had no luck getting Jun's 6.2 beta loader to connect to the network. It appears to boot just fine, but I never see it on the network.


I tried:


  • Both the 3615 and 3517 loaders
  • Set the PID/VID of the USB
  • Tried 2 different USB drives; all boot, no network
  • Set the mac1 to the actual NIC mac address.


I assume the NIC chipset is compatible since it works in 6.1.


Is it possible that 6.2 doesn't support my NIC chipset while 6.1? Or, have I failed to cover all my bases on setup/configuration?


Thank you.

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