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DSM 6.x install with Xen (failed yet)


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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to make a clean install of DSM 6 on a Xen virtual machine but I still fail to achieve this goal.

I didn't found any topic on this matter on the forum (and not many more with the help of Google, feel free to tell me if I'm wrong).


If anyone tried this before or have ideas : any help appreciated !


So :

I use a (really slightly) modified .cfg from a functional DSM 5. I successfully found the DSM on the network through Synology Assistant and finally get the famous error message "No Hard Disk Found on DS3615xs (Please install hard disk(s) before reconnecting)".


Disk config in synology.cfg :

disk        = [


The synoboot.img is Jun's loader v1.02b for DS3615 (as I failed to get to the web installation page with v1.03b).

The disk.img is an empty file of 30G.

The vg1/lv0 is a desperate try of using a (virtually) physical disk instead of files to solve this error.


I read stuff about disks drivers but none about Xen.

I read stuff about ESXi and other Virtualbox errors but found nothing conclusive yet.

I discovered that a console exists (xl console works!) but asks for login/password I don't know (tried admin/*blank*, admin/admin and other root/root without success).


Any idea or even console default login before any DSM installation would be helpful.




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