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Ok, I have been running an AMD system since 2011 with 11 drives. Due to heat issues of the drives, pushing 50c, i ordered at 16 bay Rosewill case. For the price, it can't be beat.


Now, I am at the point I think I am going to upgrade my server completely. But, I have a few questions, and I want to make sure I am not about to make a stupid bonehead move, so getting a few opinions on this, is probably as wise endevour.


Like I said, my old system is an AMD A3 low end cpu, 4 gigs ram with an sas9220-8i flashed to IT mode.

I have 11 drives of all various sizes, totaling over 40TB of storage in an SHR1 array.


I am looking at an Intel i5-4800

cheapest mobo i can find

8GB ram this time


Basically, my use is as follows


Plex media server, with local streaming to on average 2-3 clients at a time with 1-2 remote connections with direct play. (My home connection is 1Gbps symmetrical)

I run a UniFi controller and a UMNS controller for my Ubuiquti stuff in a docker container each. (this draws on the ram, and while i have reduced it to 512MB, i would like to give it what it really wants, which is 1GB)


Other services used are FTP/Sonarr/Couch Potato/NZBGet et


Everything runs fine now, with the exception of the ram, but thats not a big deal.


My main question is, can i just install the new mobo, cpu and ram, plug the USB drive with Juns102.b in, and boot up my DSM6.2 like normal?


If not, what do I need to do.


I need to keep my data.


I am hoping switching to a new mobo, the sata port issue for 3 drives won't happen like when i migrated to DSM6, they fell out of order, and the array had issues.




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