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DMS upgrade and Physical Graphic Card


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Hello all,

I currently have Jun loader 1.02 and DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1. I have some questions.

1. Can I upgrade to Juns loader 1.03? If not can I directly upgrade from web interface to the newest DSM only under 1.02. As I have a lot of movies and data can I just disconnect RAID drives to protect them and use separate USB with 1.03? If it fails can I just plug in old USB as a backup? WIll that work?

2. I am using Plex and there are some issues with playing 4K movies with subtitles only. It is said that  my CPU is not strong enough. I can see in resource monitor that when I try to play 4 k with subtitles CPU goes to 100%. As a solution it is said that I need something that can offload burden. I was thinking is it possible for me to use GPU? DO I Need to setup something special in XPEN?


Thanks for the info. 


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If your 6.1 installation is working fine then I would not rush to move to 6.2.  Personally I am 'testing' 6.2 on some spare hardware at the moment, and after that, and checking the results from other forum members I'll upgrade my production system.

If you do want to update to 6.2 then I would do a complete upgrade test using your hardware;

1) Disconnect your raid drives

2) Use a spare HDD and setup a 6.1.4-x system matching your production verson

3) Create a 1.03 loader on spare USB

4) Boot with the 1.03 loader and 6.1.4 -x dsm spare disk

5) Follow the 'migration' process and install 6.2-x DSM, but dont apply any updates

6) Check all hardware and configuration


If all the above is ok then you should be able to upgrade your prod system by reconnecting the raid drives and booting with the 6.2 loader and migrating.


What ever process you follow you should backup your important data, external drive, a cloud service etc.  


About Plex and 4k/subs, your current CPU/memory/drives/network needs to meet or exceed the spec needed to stream that. Does it? If not then you may be better getting a more powerful cpu/motherboard setup, I don't think adding a GPU card will help. 

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Hi and thanks for the answer. I am not rushing into the update. I can wait it is important that the apps are working. 

Regarding plex CPU and other things It is working without subs because I have 4k tv and plex is doing pass through for the 4k movies. Only when subtitles are on then it starts to transcode and then my i3 Intel is not sufficient. I read that adding 4k graphic card will perform then hardware transcoding and offload from CPU. Now the question is do I have to do something special in order to use that graphic card in Xpenology like installing drivers, .... or it is plug and play.

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