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Reason to choose a specific synology model over another version?



So im trying to know why would one choose to build a xpenology box, lets say, using DS3617xs as the model vs DS918+ ?

I ask because, using loaders,extra ramdisk and dsm 6.1.x etc for ds3617, one of my NICs doesnt work. Whereas if i boot up the same hardware using loader,extra ramdisk, dsk 6.2 fo4 DS918. both my Nics work.

So the question is what would i lose if switched over to the DS918+? Will all my data migrate from my dsm3617 xpenolgy to ds918+. Do i simply lose the number of HDDs supported as ds918 seems to be a 4 bay NAS?



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A very basic search of the forum who have provided part of the answer:

I don't know how many drives you have but switching from one model version to another model version does nothing to your data as your data is stored on a separate partition and DSM does not touch that. Regarding the number of drives, DS918+ is a 4 drive NAS by default. However the patch in the loader changes that to 12 drives. so unless you have more than 12 drives I don't see the issue and even so it would still be possible to increase the amount of drives easily.


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