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Generate an "Original" Synology USB Key


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Hi All,


I would like to generate an "Original" Synology USB Key.


the first thing i did was:


root@diskstation:~# lsusb -ciu   
|__usb1          1d6b:0002:0310 09  2.00  480MBit/s 0mA 1IF  (xhci_hcd 0000:00:14.0) hub
  |__1-5         f400:f400:0100 00  2.00  480MBit/s 200mA 1IF  (Synology DiskStation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  1-5:1.0         (IF) 08:06:50 2EPs () usb-storage host3 (synoboot)

how do i find out what "usb key" chipset synology is using ?


the original pid/vid/version of Synology seems to be f400:f400:0100 , no matter what kind of diskstation/rackstation you have.


anyone know how to change pid/vid/registration of an USB key ?


the best would be buying an usb key that have the same chipset and size as Synology original.


another question, i replaced part of the line in the output with xxxxxxxx as i do not know if that part means anything, any of you know what it means ?


Kind Regards,

Lars Christian Thasenhod

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i had the same question sometime ago, and there are usb sticks from a-data that can be modified to Synology's PID VID F400 valleus.

I have tested this aswell, and can confirm it works as a replacement of the original internal synology usb flash drive.

If you have more questions you can ask me.. ;)


take a look at this topic, more details are explaned here



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With a correct flasher you should be able to overwrite any information from a usb disk.

I've used this method to fix some fake, overcapacity disks that came from some shady market. It was listed as some fantastic 1TB drive, but only contain 64GB flash chip. The usb drive shrank to 32GB but hey, at least I can use it without fear of data corruption. One time I had a 4GB disk (back in 2009) that running on 8GB disk. I've successfuly expanded it to use the whole flash.


Anyway, from my experience, I found that usb sticks that uses Alcor or Phison as its memory controller is easier to work with. The tools required to flash the controller is available on the internet.


Big brand like Kingston or Sandisk don't use some bogus chips, ChipGenius can't detect its controller make and model. But if you're adventurous, you can pry open the case and figure out the controller.



Alcor Mass Production tools. In this figure, I'm filling the info from this thread. Password to access the setting can be set from AlcorMP.ini



Phison Mass Production tools.


You can get this tools from this link in ChipGenius (the website is barely working now)



Unfortunately I can't demonstrate because AlcorMP for some reason refuses to run correctly in Win 11.


Warning! These tools will perform a low-level format, and your disk size may be reduced. Proceed with caution!


Happy hacking!

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I just made a demo with a usb drive using First Chip as its memory controller.





First Chip MP Tools



After succesfull flash:



I don't know why it's losing its serial number, but here you go. It is possible to do just that.


I don't have a real synology so I can't really test this wether this will boot or not. If synology locks its BIOS to only boot from F400:F400, it should be working as a usb replacement because it's identify as F400:F400 now.

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On 1/18/2024 at 12:23 AM, Ostap60 said:

But where can we get a dump of the original USB flash Synology?

Hello, don't you know anyone who can help with a simple backup. Which model should it be?

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