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About the Notification function in 4.3.3827 and 5.0-BETA


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I've tried the notification function in 4.3.3810 of XPEnology (v1.1 beta5) and it works perfectly.

Then I just upgrated the 4.3.3824 (beta7) and the notification function doesn't work anymore.

Same result as in the 5.0-BETA.

Is there anyone who successfully turn on notification(mainly skype, MSN is merged into skype today...) under these versions? :eek:


By the way,notification via Email is worked in every version mentioned above... :smile:

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Anybody knows how to get push notifications working (enabled in the first place)?

I'm not able to enable it in the control panel, I get the error "Failed to forward DiskStation information to push service server". I've changed my serial and MAC to match the NIC hardware address.


Same problem on 4.3.3810 and 4.3.3827.

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