3rd party replacement for M2D17 / M2D18

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Hi there,


is there a known working replacement für the named adapters? There is a bunch of low priced adapters available in the sub 50Euro segment, did anyone give it a try?

Want to use this as SSD Cache (read/write) with 2 x Kingston SSDNow 240GB


I'm using all 8 SATA-Ports of my Supermicro  X11SAE-F, still one m.2 slot in spare which i intend to use für virtual machines as separate volume.


Any suggestions are very much aprreciated.


Best regards





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No idea?

I just learned a little bit about M2D18, that it only works with NVMe-Disks. So the package would be M2D18 plus 2 x Samsung SSD 970 PRO 512GB.

Samsung Pro due to TBW of 600TB, as Synology kicks out SSDs, when TBW is reached (due to SMART-Data).


So if anyone could point to another m.2 Adapter, which is supported, thanks in advance.

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