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Hello @all,


i'm currently using xpenology on several "small" devices (16 drives) (sc836 & dsn-3200 chassis) and one legit DSN-1812+.


Currently I'm re-planning my backup strategy and will use in future LTO6 or 7 to do an real backup. 


After I have the full backup, I would like to migrate all 3 storages into one large system containing 36+ (maybe 48)  drives. 


Then I could "reuse" my current sas3 hba and saß expanders as well as all my CPU's and RAM and HDDs. 


So my questions would be:

- what is the max amount of HDDs supported by xpenology dsm

- which chassis with hitswap sas backplane could you recommend? 


Thank you in advance.. 




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For your first question you can start by reading this: 

Omit any reference to Quicknick's loader as it was never released.


For the second question I will let others chime in as I am not acquainted with that type of hardware.

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