DSM 6.2 Upgrade: Connection failed. Please check your Internet connection.

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I thought I had a successful upgrade to DSM 6.2 from 5.x using Jun's 1.03b loader. Everything seemed good. Then file manager disappeared after originally showing up. Now I can't see access my data. Storage Manager says everything is good. It even correctly shows how space I have used and how much space I have available.


Then I saw a an alert for an update. I clicked on Update & Restore and it says Connection failed. Please check your Internet connection. I went under Network and Server Name is blank, Default gateway is empty, DNS is empty. Any ideas?


ASRock Q1900-ITX

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I think that between 5.1/2 and 6.x there were a lot of 'architecture' changes in DSM. for example I think File Manager became a package, not part of the core DSM.

Jumping from 5.x to 6.2 might have been too big a change so parts of your DSM install have gotten 'corrupted'

I would revert to 5.2 and then update to 6.1, check hardware/system/features then (if you need to) go to 6.2. IMHO there isn't much of a difference between 6.1 and 6.2 to make me 'upgrade' yet. 

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