Spindown Issue 916 Image/Build using J3455 SOC Mainboard

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I was suprised to see that the synology "OS" was also available for bare metal. As my old Thecus N5200 was kind of "outdated", I made my own NAS using the Asrock J3455 SOC System, 4 Gb Ram and an SATA Expansion card, see https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00AZ9T3OU/. Installation of the Synology using Juns 1.02b loader according to the tutorial here wasnt that difficult.


System Config: 1 x SSD and 5 x 2TB HDD from my old Thecus working as RAID-5.


Goodie: Build my USB Stick, 916 Image chosen, up and running incl. Extension Card. HDDs reformatted using BTRFS.


Problem: The HDD Spindown doesnt work. I stopped everything and still - the system tries to spin down and is 5 sec later spinning up. I also checked https://www.synology.com/de-de/knowledgebase/DSM/help/DSM/AdminCenter/system_hardware_hibernation

No, nothing active. I cannot find any reason why this dammn thing isnt going to sleep. The idea was to have music stored on the SSD and videos on HDD. So the system has any time of the world to spin down, "shut up" and dont go on my nerves. Yes, its pretty silent with the Node304 Case and no, its not silent enough.


Any suggestions?




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Worked, just took another stick and "converted". Now lets see if that thing is spinning down and maybe even WOL can do its job.


Confirm: HDDs spinning down and keeping down. Yeah! And you hear practically a sh*****, as intended ;) ... didnt too that long, he is now spinning up again. Dunno, dont care. Hope it stays this way.


So: For Asrock J3455 - use the 3615 Build. Way better than 916.



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Update: After now a week, this XS3615 Build works excellent. Spindown OK, everything is fine and as expected. Can recommend this for a "cheap" but still quick/capable NAS build. Maybe not for a production system (Updates, new versions always "at risk"), but for home use this is really more than good enough.


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