DSM 6.x packages and community packages work?

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Early last year or even before i had spun up a dsm 6.0 xpenology box as my secondary xpenology box. My primary is still on dsm 5.2.

I had noticed that on the dsm 6 box, the packages list would not load(perhaps a separate issue altogether) and i also remember a lot of the synology packages and/or the community packages not being compatible with dsm 6 because how it handled permissions?


Now im looking to upgrade my primary xpenology to new hardware and likely will need to go with dsm 6.1 with the new loader. Question is, are most packages now support dms6?

My main need is 3 packages.

1- Plex server

2- Transmission client

3- Flexget


Would anyone know if those are supported on dsm 6? Thanks.

PS im looking to go with the the "ASRock H370M" board. Its dual intel NICs should be supported. However i dont know about its 6 sata ports!


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ok. I figured it out myself. looks like all is working well.


steps to install flexget in DSM 6.x


Install python and python module from synocommunity repo


then run these commands via ssh shell as root:


easy_install pip
/bin/pip install --upgrade pip
pip install virtualenv
mkdir -p /root/.config/flexget
cd /root/.config/flexget
/usr/bin/virtualenv ./env
/root/.config/flexget/env/bin/pip install flexget
/root/.config/flexget/env/bin/pip install transmissionrpc

mkdir /root/.flexget     ( this is where flexget will create its database and config file etc..)



Finally execute flexget: /root/.config/flexget/env/bin/flexget execute



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