Accidental update to DSM 6.2 - Recovery help requested

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Hi folks,


I have had my NAS for a few years running great, but last week was accidentally updated to DSM 6.2.

Obviously it will no longer boot.


My custom rig hardware and loader info is as follows:


Motherboard:  Asrock Z97M OC formula

Loader: v1.02b

Bare metal - DS3615sx

Qty 4 - 3TB HDs RAID


I can obviously recreate a working NAS, but my drive data is not accessible.  

My only real concern is being able to retrieve my data somehow.


I would be forever in debt to anyone who can guide me in the best way to facilitate this.


Can the drives be converted back to DSM 6.1x compatibility?

If not, would the only other way be to try the current v1.3 loader?

Or lastly, wait until a more tested loader exists for DSM 6.2?


The data is the only important thing here.


Thanks to everyone in advance.



~ Kev

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@GBKev Jun has released a new loader for 6.2 which you could try, it is however a beta version & i would recommend trying it with a spare disk first. Howver you can downgrade to 6.1 by following the instructions in this post.


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How did I not find that downgrade guide??


Anyhow, Dfds you are my new best friend!!  Thanks!  I'll check that out and see what magic can come of it.



~ Kev

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