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On 7/30/2020 at 9:01 AM, therus000 said:

i have board GA-z77x and procossor i5 3470. what loader and system better i choose ?

i already try 3617 but synology assistant cant find it

help please 


1.04b 918+ no go with your cpu as its to old

most likely for 3617 you used loader 1.03b an d that needs csm/legacy mode (also as boot device)


loader 1.02b and dsm 6.1 is more easy in that area


also you might read faq and tutorial




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Hello! Greeting from Bogota - Colombia and excuse me for my bad english.


Ok, im using DSM Synology with Juns Loader v 1.03b and DSM 6.2-25426 in a HP DC 6300 (3615X)
(Intel Core I3 3220 @ 3.30 Ghz and 4 GB Ram DDR3)

I too have some problems with boot: Uefi boot dont recognize ethernet card // MBR/bios dont boot- The Extra.lmza the issue petsist and Synoboot 918+ fails to boot too.


I tried different methods, incluide Synoboot modded iso and onlymbr mod, but my pc dont boot correctly synoboot

My HP DC 6300 Accidentally boot with a E2B USB Stick and EUREKA!!! Synoboot boot sucessfully on MBR and ethernet recognized and DSM 6.2-25426 installed!! :D

Ok, again sorry for my bad english jaja!


The solution is,
Use your usb memory and install Synoboot normally
In your bios Seetings, disable UEFI boot and priorize legacy boot.
In another USB memory, install Easy2Boot (E2B), only E2B.
Ok, try again and boot, your CPU will boot with E2B Stick and in the E2B Menu, you can edit the default boot seetings and time out, and walah, Synoboot... boot
in mbr! 

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-03 at 5.50.10 PM.jpeg


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