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On 8/6/2018 at 4:48 PM, jensmander said:

Outcome of the update: SUCESSFUL

- DSM version prior update: none - clean install, installed Update 2 successfully after installation

- Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3617XS

- Using custom extra.lzma: NO

- Installation type: BAREMETAL - MSI B250M BAZOOKA, Pentium G4400T, 2x8GB DDR4 2133, onboard Realtek 8111H Gbit LAN,  LSI 9260-8i with 2x320GB RAID1 & 6x2TB RAID5, 1x onboard S-ATA KINGSTON 120GB SSD for Cache 

- Additional comments: REBOOT, OK


I have to correct my posting: after installing Update 2 for DSM 6.2 the network speed of the Realtek 8111H drops to ~10-12MB/s which is equal to 100mbit... I cleaned the installation from all HDDs and started it again. When installing the "initial" PAT file everything regarding to network speeds runs fine, even after several reboots and settings. But as soon as I install Update 2 -> drop to max. 12MB/s... 😥

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I updated one of my xpenology 22TB NAS (3rd backup box) from latest 6.1 to 6.2 successfully. Hardware is running on Intel S3420GP with 8GB DDR3 ECC RAM; Xeon L3426; 14x 2TB Raid5 with hotspare; onboard 6 port AHCI + 8 port LSI SAS 1068E.

Just created the new boot stick, configured MAC and serial. Booting from 6.2. Migrating the system manually. After reboot only 11 disks are recognized - no data volume. putty: changing the values for esataportcfg="0f000000"; usbportcfg="f0000000"; internalportcfg="0000ffff". Reboot.....all fine. No raid rebuild all data available. I'll also update my other 2 boxes.




thx for the great support - Chris

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12 hours ago, billat29 said:

Error 13 is also a "Whoops! I had a problem writing the system to disk". This will be the drives that you intend to put data on. It can be that either it is not finding your disks or you have defined a virtual disk for testing that is too small.....


I think the harddrives are there, cause else I won't get info in the update screen when using the new loader.


I don't use a vm-drive. 4 Physical drives directly with pass-through. So the normal partitioning from synology on them. The synoboot.vmdk is from 1.02a(?). I only change the synoboot.img in the vm. In my test-vm with vm-drive it works. Maybe the missing extra.lzma with additional modules I use on 6.1.7 are the problem so that  the pass through don't work like expected? I think the mptsas or mpt2sas driver is missing. I think I have to wait for additional drivers for 3615.


I tried to add a virtual serial port to check, but I cannot connect. Connection always refused.


Sorry for german in the pictures. But I think the needed information can be read.




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6 hours ago, frooop said:

i tried to install it completely new as VM on an HP MicroServer Gen8 with an E3-1230 V2 with ESXi 6.5 Update 2

i have an Xpenology Machine DS3615xs running with the 1.02b Loader just fine, but with the new 1.03b and DS3615xs bootloader it starts like the other one and stops ont then should


I get an IP from DHCP but nothing happens... tried several restarts and also switching between UEFI and BIOS Mode even before starting the vm for the first time

it ran for over 10 Minutes between switching to ensure that it doesnt take some time to start all services etc...


Make sure the synoboot.vmdk is on SATA controller and not on IDE controller. It works with IDE controller on 6.1.7 but not on 6.2. That was my problem when I had no network connection.

Look at my config for my test-vm which is running 6.2 with upgrade from 6.1.7


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30 minutes ago, Next said:



Made the USB drive 1.03B but when booting I can't find the Synology looks like no network connection.

Somebody have a solution for it? Its a baremetal Synology.


Seriously you need to provide more information on your hardware and loader model else no one can help.

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16 minutes ago, Polanskiman said:


Seriously you need to provide more information on your hardware and loader model else no one can help.





Loader: Jun's Loader 1.03B.

Network: Intel 82579.

CPU: Core i5 3470 3.2 GHz


Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 2500 Dynamic Video Memory Technology



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1 hour ago, Polanskiman said:


Did you try using the custom ramdisk? That NIC should be using e1000e if I'mot mistaken.


How to do it? 

Download the file and added to the USB stick?


Thanks for the fast reply!

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Ok I see mount it in OSF and replace it.
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18 hours ago, Polanskiman said:

Curious to know if an upgrade from DSM 5.2 to DSM 6.2 would work without first upgrading to DSM 6.1.


i've done it, upgrading an old HP N40L that was on 5.2 up to 6.2.. had to change C1E in bios as suggested, used the 1.03b worked but DSM had troubles reading some config (user and volume ok, packages ok, but network tab was completly blank and so the smb tab.. applying changes didnt work, so i had to migrate only data and reset everything else, and it worked.

lost a couple hours but nothing major.

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not working on esxi 6.7 with hp microserver gen8 and b120i raid

disk set to scsi (no other option except IDE)

vm machine - linux other x64 with bios mode


loader stops with find.synology.com and cpu usage is 100%


booting the kernel. - never shows up


switching machine to windows 7x64 dont helps

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8 hours ago, Polanskiman said:


Did you try using the custom ramdisk? That NIC should be using e1000e if I'mot mistaken.


Can I use that one "DS918+" I'm using the "3615XS"

The Jun's Loader 1.02B that one is running for the moment without any issue's.

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1 hour ago, luchuma said:

booting the kernel. - never shows up


AFAIK this doesn't show up since Loader 1.03a & 1.03b. 


44 minutes ago, Tictac said:

What do you use to open it please?


@Tictac: take a look at this: 

It contains all necessary tools as portable versions.





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